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  • Incandescence by Greg Egan Review

    Incandescence by Greg Egan – sci-fi

    Greg Egan’s Incandescence is a hard sci-fi novel about a large expanse of space called the Amalgam, filled with many different sentient species, and the center of it (the bulge) which is occupied by a group called the Aloof. The Aloof allow traveling through their territory, but don’t really associate themselves with the rest of the species in the world. The story follows both Rakesh (a traveler set on confronting the Aloof about some information from a human DNA related new world) and Roi, an alien species beginning to question the physics of their world and embark on the mysteries of the universe.

  • The Gods of War by Graham Brown and Spencer Andrews Review

    The Gods of War by Graham Brown and Spencer Andrews – sci-fi

    The Gods of War is set in the year 2137. The earth is dying and Mars is being used as both a tool for growing food for Earth and for colonization. People who won’t be missed on Earth are being kidnapped and sent to Mars to be used as slaves. The people of Earth need an alternate food source and will do anything necessary to obtain one.

  • Miramont's Ghost by Elizabeth Hall Review

    Miramont’s Ghost by Elizabeth Hall – mystery

    Miramont’s Ghost is the tale of a young French woman named Adrienne, who lives in the late 1800’s. Adrienne has the gift of sight. Many people in her life are afraid of her, because of the things she can see. As a child, Adrienne is quick to tell anyone who will listen about her visions, but she soon realizes how dangerous her stories really are.

  • City of Truth by James Morrow Review

    City of Truth by James Morrow – sci-fi

    City of Truth is a short novella (Nebula Award Winner 1992) about a city where all its citizens are “brain-burned” into telling only the truth. The citizens are always frank and honest to each other, even when it comes to things such as sexual matters, illness, marriage, etc.

  • The Earth Dwellers by David Estes Review

    The Earth Dwellers (Dwellers Saga Book 4) by David Estes – sci-fi

    Earth Dwellers is the final installment in both the Dweller’s Saga and the Country Saga. In Earth Dwellers, Tristan and Adele finally meet up with the characters from the previous Country Saga novels on the surface. Neither knew the other existed, but they still find reasons to work together to fight the big baddies, the Glassies, in an attempt for them all to live in a perfect world, the way they want to live.

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