Miramont’s Ghost by Elizabeth Hall – mystery

Miramont’s Ghost is the tale of a young French woman named Adrienne, who lives in the late 1800’s. Adrienne has the gift of sight. Many people in her life are afraid of her, because of the things she can see. As a child, Adrienne is quick to tell anyone who will listen about her visions, but she soon realizes how dangerous her stories really are.

Adrienne is a very likeable character, especially as a child. I really enjoyed her whimsical behaviors. At the time, she thinks that her visions are mere fairy tales and she takes them on without so much as a second thought. Unfortunately, most of Adrienne’s visions are terrible ones; couldn’t this girl have one good thing happen to her?

Adrienne tries to hide her visions from her family, but her Aunt Marie finds out. Adrienne inherited the sight from her grandmother (Marie’s mother) and Marie is hell bent on having Adrienne keep her mouth shut. I liked Marie as an adversary, but I also would have liked to see her stand up to her Aunt more.

There was really very little about the ghostly aspects and the ending was a bit of a downer for me, otherwise I would have given more stars!