The Gods of War by Graham Brown and Spencer Andrews – sci-fi

The Gods of War is set in the year 2137. The earth is dying and Mars is being used as both a tool for growing food for Earth and for colonization. People who won’t be missed on Earth are being kidnapped and sent to Mars to be used as slaves. The people of Earth need an alternate food source and will do anything necessary to obtain one.

This book was a fast-paced action book. I really liked the main character, James Collins, son of the President and career military man. He was the right kind of hero that you’d expect in this type of action book. He questioned his father’s policies, and didn’t necessarily agree with them, but in the end, he steps up to do what his father was trying to do, which was protect the people.

James has to fight against a cartel of money hungry grubby men, well, not them personally, but their mercenaries and goons. They try to kill James, and when they do not succeed, he is accidentally sent as a slave to Mars. They think he’s dead, but find out later that they were wrong, when James rallies the slaves and saves the day.

There were some interesting characters among the slaves that I wish we would have had more time with, like Bethel, but the story moved so quickly that we were never in one place for too long. It was a nice story, but with a predictable ending. They left it open for the possibility of a sequel, too, I think.