The Glittering World by Robert Levy – fantasy

Blue and his friends Elisa, Jason, and Gabe, visit his hometown after his grandmother leaves him her house in her will. Blue doesn’t remember much from when he lived there, but what he does find out about the small Nova Scotian town makes his head real. The townsfolk there believe in “The Other Kind” and Blue finds out who he really is and what really happened to him as a boy there.

I liked this book. It was kinda creepy, though. “The Other Kind” mentioned in the story are posited to be fae, or aliens, but I think they were a little of both. They were definitely very creepy. I found that I enjoyed Blue’s perspective in the beginning the most. The book is split in four parts, one for each of the main characters. I think that Jason’s perspective was pointless and I didn’t really like him too much as a character. I think his part of the story could have been told through Gabe.

I wished we would have seen more of the other kind and how they lived. We found out a little about the mysteries of the town and what happened to Blue as a kid that made his mother take him and run away. The townsfolk were all eerie. The other kind weren’t your typical fae, but there were some fantasy fae aspects about them. I did like how it ended, though, everything did seem to fall into place.