Double Star by Robert A. Heinlein – sci-fi

Lorenzo Smythe is an actor who thinks his acting is a lot better than it actually is. He is approached by a famous space pilot and offered an acting job, a role of a lifetime. The space pilot wants him to impersonate a politician on Mars. Lorenzo agrees, but was it really a mistake?

I loved Lorenzo. He really was quite the character. He made me chuckle on numerous occasions. He acts tough, but he really is a coward deep down. He always wants to run at the first sign of trouble.

This was a pretty quick read, but a light hearted one. Lorenzo completely commits to his role, so much so that he starts to actually become “Mr. Bonforte”. He ventures into the realm of space politics, meets Martians, etc. He can fool almost anyone. It was scary to see how if you pretend enough to be someone else…you might just convince yourself that you are them.