Agatha H and the Clockwork Princess by Phil & Kaja Foglio – fantasy

Now on the run, Agatha and her talking cat friend, Krosp, must navigate the Wastelands in order to escape from the notice of the Baron. They come across a traveling troupe of actors who put on Heterodyne Adventures plays in various towns, and the people there agree to let her travel with them until they reach the Heterodyne home of Mechanicsburg. Unfortunately, with so many people looking for the Heterodyne heir, Agatha surely has a bumpy ride.

I enjoyed the second installment of the Girl Genius series, though I did find it really long when Agatha was traveling with the troupe. There was a lot of parts that seemed kind of unnecessary and a bit of filler and I found myself skimming through. I also am unsure of how I feel about a lot of the footnotes. Some I like, some I didn’t, and sometimes I felt they pulled me out of the story.

Also, there were a lot of storylines going on, sometimes a little hard to follow. I do like that we found out more about who The Other is and more about Agatha’s family. I really can’t wait for her to arrive in Mechanicsburg so we can see what awaits her there at the Heterodyne home.

Agatha really is a cool female protagonist and though she encounters a lot of trouble, she often comes out on top!