Agatha H and the Airship City by Phil & Kaja Foglio – fantasy

Agatha lives in the town of Beetleburg as an assistant to a doctor containing the Spark. She tries and tries to make her machines work, but always fails. When a confrontation with the Baron Wulfenbach in the lab goes awry, Agatha is swept away to the Baron’s castle and finally figures out just who she is and why she was always having such a difficult time getting her machines to work.

I’ve never read any steam punk before, but I have to say I really loved this one. This series is based off of a set of web comics that you can read for free online ( I thought the novelization was a bit better, but maybe it was because I read the novel first?

Anyway, the book takes us to a world where a fabled Other used to send out these hive machines which would releave slaver wasps and create Revenants to further enslave the human population to do their bidding. The Heterodyne Boys and some of their other companions (including Baron Wulfenbach at one time) used to fight against these creatures and save the day. Unfortunately, they’ve disappeared, but a hive machine has been found and brought to Wulfenbach castle, along with Agatha.

The book was full of adventure, fast paced, and a fun read. I recommend it.