Voyage of the Basilisk by Marie Brennan – fantasy

The third memoir of Lady Trent, Isabella, regarding her round the world voyage to study dragons. This time, Isabella goes on her adventure with her son, Jacob, her constant traveling companion Tom, and Jacob’s governess. The group travels to various different locations, encountering not only the forces of dragons, but also politics and tribal strife as well.

I have to say I enjoyed this book more than the second, but still not as much as the first. I really liked that Jacob was a part of this expedition as he added much more interest to the story. The book is written from an archeological point of view and you really do feel as if you’re reading a non-fiction book as opposed to a fantasy one. If there were real dragons out there, I’d expect a real Lady Trent to write about them ;)

Anyway, the books, as always, are very well written and I do love the artwork. The plot itself can be less than adventurous at times, but I think the added character of Suhail provided more intrigue into the world of Draconean ruins. He is an archaeologist investigating the possibility that the long gone Draconeans were able to tame dragons. This was of more interest to me than Isabella’s scientific endeavors.