A Natural History of Dragons by Marie Brennan – fantasy

The memoir of Lady Trent, Isabella, regarding her first foray into the scientific realm of dragons. Isabella grows up determined to spend her days discovering the intricacies and anatomies of various creatures like dragons. However, in her society, Isabella is frowned upon for having such fancies.

Isabella really is a charming character. She wants to defy society and go on expeditions and discover everything there is to know about dragons. Luckily for her, her husband Jacob is willing to give in to her fancies and allows her to accompany him and a couple of other men on an expedition to learn more about mountainous dragons in a nearby realm.

The crew is met with much dislike upon arriving in Drustanev, but they continue on with their work. Isabella takes notes and draws the dragons they come across. They uncover a plot while there regarding the increased attacks the dragons have been conducting on the townspeople. There is intrigue and death, there is sorrow and loss.

I really liked Isabella and her desire for answers. I felt myself saddened by the tragedies she faced along the way. I can’t wait to read the next one and follow her on her next adventure.