The 100 by Kass Morgan – sci-fi

Earth has been abandoned for hundreds of years. Humans live in orbit around Earth. As a test to see if humans can survive on Earth once again, 100 convicted teenagers are sent down. Their progress is monitored by the humans in space to see if they can return to the ground.

Ehhhhhhhhh. I like the show better. I think I liked some of the characters only because I knew their personalities from the show. Bellamy and Octavia are two of my favorites, and though their story is a little different in the book, I still enjoyed their presence. They seemed to lighten things up when they were on the ground. Otherwise, I wasn’t sure why we were given a perspective of a teenager who remained on the ship; I liked how the show did it better, with having us see the adults perspective after the kids were sent down to Earth.

Also, halfway through nothing had really happened too much. They landed on Earth and made camp, but that was all. It was a perfectly OK book, but, if you’re not a fan of the show, you’re not going to like the book either. I would actuallyr recommend watching the show over reading the book. Much more suspenseful.