The Emperor’s Soul by Brandon Sanderson – fantasy

Shai is caught stealing in the imperial palace and is forced to help the empire to restore the current Emperor’s soul after an attempt on his life has left him blank in the brain. Shai is a Forger and has forged and changed her own seals for her own soul. Can she do the same for the emperor?

This novella was really jam packed for a shorter story. I really loved Shai and I want more of her. I didn’t realize that this was part of the Elantris series, though set completely apart, so I am guessing it was ok to read individually. I hope that Sanderson writes more Shai stories, because she is really very interesting.

Shai is a forger and she can make copies of different objects by carving into seals. She makes copies of, and changes, her own soul to suit specific needs she might have. I found this type of magic really remarkable and fun, which is why I wish there was more!